November Meeting | Nov 4th

We have quite a special meeting for you this month.  International speaker Bart Fried, founder of the Antique Telescope Society will give us a fascinating presentation about a mysterious lens with a large hole in it. If you love a great mystery, this is one meeting you’ll want to attend! We also have a door prize. Anyone attending in-person will receive a ticket to win a copy of The Apollo Murders by Chris Hadfield.

1. Sudbury RASC President Address – Alan Ward

2. Bart Fried – Who Put the Hole in That Telescope?

3. Break – (10min)

4. Show & Tell (10min)

5. Closing Comments/News/Open Forum/Starlight Lounge

About the Speaker, Bart Fried:

Founder and past President, Antique Telescope Society, and moderator of the ATS Forum. He is the recipient of the ATS Isaac Newton Medal for meritorious service to the Society. As a recognized authority on the history of the telescope, he has lectured for several decades around the U.S., the U.K., Ireland and Canada. His field of concentrated research is the life and work of Dr. John Alfred Brashear. Over 30 published articles can be found in Sky & Telescope magazine; the Journal of the Antique Telescope Society; Eyepiece newsletter of the Amateur Astronomers Association and other journals and publications. Bart is also the Executive Vice-President of Amateur Astronomers Association, Inc, the largest individual astronomical association in the U.S. with ~600 members.

Join us as he tells us a tale about a mystery involving precision timekeeping, a large center hole in a Brashear lens, and Variations in Latitude.

Meeting Link: Please use this link if attending via Zoom. The link will be different every month!

Note about Parking at Science North if attending in person:
Stop at the booth, Press the Button, Take the Ticket. The gate lifts. Proceed, and you will not be charged to get out. The ticket makes a handy bookmark!

RASC Sudbury AstroNorth November 2022


October Meeting | Oct 14th

Hi Everyone! Boy, do we have an exciting meeting this month. Not only is it a return to an in-person meeting,  we are doing a Hybrid meeting, to take advantage of what Zoom has to offer by bringing in a non-local speaker.  The meeting will take place at the Planetarium at Science North, for those who want to attend in person.

This month, our speaker is Matt Considine, member of both the Springfield Telescope Makers (Stellafane), and the Antique Telescope Society, and he will tell us how he and a dedicated team of individuals worked to restore a 1930’s era Spectrohelioscope to image the sun.

1. Sudbury RASC President Address – Alan Ward

2. Matt Considine – Imaging with a Spectrohelioscope

3. Break – (10min)

4. Show & Tell (10min)

5. Closing Comments/News/Open Forum/Starlight Lounge

Location: Online on Zoom, and in-person at the Science North Planetarium

When: 7:00PM.

RASC Sudbury AstroNorth October 2022

Note: You must be on the mailing list to receive the Zoom meeting invitation. The meeting links will not be posted in the newsletter, or the website. This is for security purposes. To request being on the mailing list, please contact us using the contact form via our website, or contact Patrick on Facebook. For those subscribed, look for the invitation link to be followed later after the newsletter. If not found, please check your spam folder. Thank you.

News About Our October Meeting

A Note from Our President, Alan Ward, about our October Meeting.


Hi Everyone,

Just a heads up that our normally scheduled meeting for Friday Oct 7, will be postponed till Friday, Oct 14 @ 7:00pm due to the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. I will send the zoom link to everyone next Sunday, Oct 9 in advance to our Oct 14 meeting.

Thanks to Science North and Olathe & her staff,  I’m excited to report to you all that our Oct 14 meeting will be our first Hybrid-Zoom meeting.  This will take place at Science North in the Digital Planetarium Theatre. (not the Doran Planetarium @ Laurentian University).  It will be an  awesome  experience for many of you who have never experienced Science North’s Planetarium.  You must come out to see this!!

I encourage you all to attend in person if possible.  For those of you out of town who can’t attend in person, you will still be able to log into Zoom and witness and contribute to the meeting. I will be working with Olathe this week in preparing for the meeting.  I am hoping that it will be the most unique Hybrid Zoom meeting experience in Canada amongst RASC Centres.

Please be patient with us as we will be embarking on a new way of conducting hybrid meetings going forward.  There will be growing pains but my ambitions are that we will be enticing others into joining our meetings.  I realize that we are all tired of zoom meetings and we want to meet again in person.  So do I.

We have lined up a couple international speakers that we will be advertising across other RASC Centres across Canada in the next couple of months so I would advise that our RASC Sudbury zoom members log in earlier at 6:30pm. This will be a first come first serve meeting limited to 100 attendees.

I will follow up next Sunday on more details about the Oct 14th meeting.  So stay tuned.

Also, a special edition of our club’s newsletter will be sent to you on Sunday, Oct 9. This newsletter will contain some very special and memorable moments as well as an update on a special local community astronomical project along with some other cool things.  Patrick, has been preparing this issue over the summer so stay tuned!