Science North 40th Anniversary Star-Party Dates

There are new Star-Party options at Science North this summer.

On three dates this Summer, Science North is offering two options for
participating in Star Parties. The dates are June 20, July 19, and
August 9.

As on clear nights in the past, Guests can arrive as darkness
approaches (9:00 PM – 10:00 PM) while staff and volunteers from the
Club set up Telescopes on the Patio for free public observing.

The new option includes indoor Star Party Programming at 9:00 PM
inside Science North whatever the weather, with admission by
purchased ticket. (There is no ticket requirement for the Outdoor
Star Party on the Patio). See Details at

Both options feature Observing with Telescopes on the Patio at 10:00
PM or as soon as it is dark.