April Meeting Notice

You may have realized by now, that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Laurentian University students are not currently in their classrooms. At the time of our April Centre Meeting (April 3) RASC members will not be in the Doran Planetarium either. Centre President Alan Ward has put together an interesting meeting agenda for all would-be attendees to experience on that date!

The details of this safe, virus free, meeting experience will be revealed in the Sudbury RASC Centre Newsletter set to appear on April 1/2020.
Please Note: In spite of the Newsletter date, this will NOT be an April Fools stunt! Please give full attention to this issue of the newsletter!

This important content of the April Newsletter will be posted here and on Facebook as soon as the Newsletter has been sent out.

Note: To anyone who isn’t already subscribed to our newsletter and would like to receive it, please use our contact form on our website (www.sudburyastronomyclub.com) with the subject ‘Newsletter Subscription’ and we will add you to the list. Remember, even if we are in isolation does not mean we still can’t share the wonders of the universe together.

Addendum: The Newsletter will not be coming out on April 1st. As we are still trying to figure things out,  a proposed virtual meeting is currently in a holding pattern. A few details need to be accomplished and we may wind up having our meeting not on a Friday night, but during the week. Once these details can be established, a newsletter will be made available. Thank you for your understanding.