October Zoom Meeting | Oct 2nd 2020

The September Meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) Sudbury Centre will be held at 7:00PM Friday October 2nd, online via Zoom. This meeting features an important guest from the RASC Head Office,  Executive Director, Phil Groff, Ph.D.


  1. Welcome: Sudbury RASC President – Alan Ward
  2.  Why Sudbury is a great place for astronomy – Stargazer Steve and Alan Ward will feature major events and projects by our club and its members over the years.
  3. Break  (10min)
  4. A Welcome from the RASC National Office – “Everything you wanted to know about RASC but were afraid to ask.” Phil Groff would like to use this opportunity to get to know us all and give us some updates from the National Office and answer any questions we may have about RASC.
  5. What’s Up, Doc? – Once in a lifetime events will be empasized
  6. Closing Comments/News etc. – An open forum for what you would like to share.

Note: To anyone who isn’t already subscribed to our newsletter and would like to receive it, please use our contact form on our website (www.sudburyastronomyclub.com) with the subject ‘Newsletter Subscription’ and we will add you to the list. You will receive your invitation to the meeting separately via email. Or alternatively, PM Patrick on Facebook for a link. Remember, even if we are in isolation does not mean we still can’t share the wonders of the universe together.

RASC -Sudbury Centre Newsletter October 2020