April Meeting | April 14th

Please Note: The meeting this month is postponed to April 14th as the original date would fall on Easter Weekend.  We have a fascinating talk lined up about Dark Matter by Dr Stephen Sekula from SNOLAB! If you’ve always wondered about the mysterious Dark Matter, you might want to join in!

Also please note: The meeting day will be changing to Tuesdays after this month. This in the hopes of making it easier for more to attend and to make Fridays free.

Meeting Agenda:

1. Sudbury RASC President Address – Alan Ward

2. Astronomy Without Light:
Revealing the Unseen Universe – Dr Stephen Sekula

3. Break – (15min)

4. What’s Up, Doc? Planet Parade/Conjunctions/etc.

5. Astro-Jeopardy with Trevor Chandler

6. Closing Comments/News/Open Forum/Starlight Lounge


Astronomy Without Light: Revealing the Unseen Universe by Dr Stephen Sekula:

As SNOLAB Research Group Manager and Professor of Physics at Queen’s University, Stephen Sekula is concerned with the nature of the universe. But those lights in the night sky may be a distraction. The things we cannot see might matter more. In fact, it may be that all the dark places in between the stars are more important than those beautiful islands of light. Let’s sample together the unseen universe, learning how to see without light and revealing the deeper structure of the cosmos.

Full Bio in the Newsletter

Note that this is a Hybrid meeting. You can attend via Zoom or in-person at the Science North Planetarium. Instructions below.

Meeting Link: Please use this link if attending via Zoom. The link will be different every month!


Note about Parking at Science North if attending in person:
Stop at the booth, Press the Button, Take the Ticket. The gate lifts. Proceed, and you will not be charged to get out. Your ticket will be exchanged for one that is validated.

RASC Sudbury Astro-North April 2023