March Zoom Meeting | March 4th, 2022

Hi Everyone! Whether you’re new to astronomy and looking to get your first telescope, or you’re looking to upgrade to something else, the good news is we have the scoop for you, as Trevor Chandler of KW-RASC will be giving us the lowdown. Meeting @ 7pm, March 4th.


1. Welcome – Sudbury RASC President Address – Alan Ward

2. What Telescope should I get? – Trevor Chandler (30min)

3. Show & Tell (10min)

4. Astro Jeopardy – – Trevor Chandler (30min)

5. Break (10min)

6. AstoCalc – Alan Ward (30min)

Alan will review some useful calculating tools for your telescope

7. Closing Comments/Open Forum/Starlight Lounge

This month’s Presentation:

Trevor Chandler (KW-RASC)

What Telescope Should I get?

Most of us have been asked this question. The answer is not as straightforward as it might seem. Beginners, and even advanced amateurs in our hobby, are faced with a wonderful but sometimes dizzying array of telescopes from which to choose. In this presentation, we’ll attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff and understand better the choices that are available to us. And we’ll look at some of the other gear that, alongside a great telescope, can enrich our enjoyment of getting to know the night sky.


Sudbury RASC March 2022 Newsletter

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