RASC Sudbury Hybrid Meeting | Friday March 3rd

Hello everyone! Last month was our member-only yearly AGM meeting. This coming Friday we have a great meeting, which we hope you’ll attend via Zoom or in-person at the Science North Planetarium. This month features Tabetha Sheppard, a geoscientist and science communicator, who will give us a talk on Impact Craters. More below on this.  We also have our Outreach Coordinator giving a an Outreach report of all the great things we’ve accomplished.

1. Sudbury RASC President Address – Alan Ward

2. Impactful Rocks – Tabatha Sheppard (40min)

3. Break – (15min)

4. What’s Up, Doc? Planet Parade/Conjunctions/etc.

5. Outreach Report – Colin Durocher (20min)

6. Closing Comments/News/Open Forum/Starlight Lounge


Tabetha Sheppard is geoscientist and science communicator passionate about sharing her love for space, mining and impact craters through the development of educational and outreach programs. Tabetha earned her master’s degree in science communication from Laurentian University, and spent time studying impact cratering processes at the Institute of Earth and Space Exploring at Western University. She hopes to one day inspire the next generation to pursue careers in earth and space science fields. 

Impact cratering is a ubiquitous and complex geological process that has occurred all throughout the history of our solar system. Impact craters like Gale and Jezero Crater have been the landing locations of choice when exploring lunar and martian geology but even Earth has its own set of impact craters. Canada is home to some notable craters, including the 1.85 billion year old, and second largest terrestrial crater: the Sudbury Impact Structure. 


This talk will explore how craters are formed as well as their historical and scientific importance in Planetary Science and Economic Geology.

Note that this is a Hybrid meeting. You can attend via Zoom or in-person at the Science North Planetarium. Instructions below.

Meeting Link: Please use this link if attending via Zoom. The link will be different every month!


Note about Parking at Science North if attending in person:
Stop at the booth, Press the Button, Take the Ticket. The gate lifts. Proceed, and you will not be charged to get out. The ticket makes a handy bookmark!


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