December Meeting | Dec 2nd, 2022

We have a great line-up of presentations and Digital Planetarium simulations that we will be presenting at this month’s meeting. I really encourage our local participants to come out to the Digital Planetarium to witness these meetings in a new spectacular way! – Alan Ward


1. Sudbury RASC President Address – Alan Ward

2. Michael Wright – A Martian Odyssey

3. Show & Tell (10min) – Trevor Chandler

4. Break – (10min)

5. Astro Jeopardy

6. Mars Dec 7 occultation simulation via Digital Planetarium

7. Closing Comments/News/Open Forum/Starlight Lounge


Featured Presentation: Michael Wright of KW-RASC – A Martian Odyssey

Michael will give us an amazing talk about Mars, full of highlights and facts that you’ve probably never heard of before. Let us take this Odyssey with him.

Friday Dec 2nd @ 7PM

A Hybrid Meeting on Zoom and at the Science North Planetarium

Meeting Link: Please use this link if attending via Zoom. The link will be different every month!

A note about parking if attending in person at Science North:

New Parking Lot Instructions @ Science North (please disregard Newsletter instructions)

For everyone attending the meeting in person at Science North, there will be several events occurring that evening so we expect a full parking lot. Please park in the staff parking lot instead and enter through the door behind the IMAX theatre as shown in the image below? We’re hoping we can continue doing this  going forward. 








We hope to see you all there, in person or online!

RASC Sudbury AstroNorth Dec 2022

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