November Zoom Meeting | Nov 5th, 2021

Hard to believe, but November 5th marks the anniversary of our club’s 40th Anniversary! This RASC Centre, as the Sudbury Astronomy Club, was born in 1981. We’ve had an amazing 40 years, and to celebrate, we will be presenting a number of things related to our club’s history over the coming months. This month, Stargazer Steve will be giving us an overview of the amazing things we’ve accomplished together. Come along for the ride! November 5th, 7pm.


1. Sudbury RASC President Address – Alan Ward
2. Four Amazing Decades! Steve Dodson – Description on the page below. (45 min)
3. Show & Tell (10 min)
4. Break (10 min)
5. Brian Colville on White Light Solar Observation
6. What’s Up Doc?
7. Closing Comments/News/Open Forum/Starlight Lounge

Featured Presentation: – Stargazer Steve

Four Amazing Decades: A Journey in 40 Years!

This is our 400th meeting! Join Stargazer Steve on a journey as he show us that our Four Decades of Friendship and Bold Initiatives have brought many outstanding successes!

And this is only the first part in a series celebrating our rich 40 year history! Join us as we celebrate.

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Sudbury RASC November 2021 Newsletter (WeTransfer)

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