November Zoom Meeting | Nov 6, 2020

The September Meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) Sudbury Centre will be held at 7:00PM Friday November 6, online via Zoom. This meeting features Steve Holmes of KW-RASC and our very own Dr. Norm Hey


  1. Welcome: Sudbury RASC President – Alan Ward
  2.  The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Civilizations –  Steve Holmes, KW-RASC:  The search for extra-terrestrial civilizations around other stars that are a staple of science-fiction, and detecting definitive signs of another civilization that would rank among the greatest discoveries in history. Are Extra-Terrestrial Civilizations rare, or plentiful? How can we estimate the probabilities? This presentation will present astronomical information that will help us to determine their numbers.
  3. Break  (10min)
  4. PixInsight is EZ! – Dr Norm Hey: How some great folks have made the world’s  widely used dedicated astro-imaging processing program now as easy as pushing 4 buttons!
  5. What’s Up, Doc? – Once in a lifetime events will be emphasized

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